Another Booking Office Opens In Baybay


October 13, 2014 was a busy day for Roble Shipping Inc as it opened its doors to its brand new booking office in A Bonifacio Street Baybay City Leyte. A previously agency run ticketing office, the site is now a company booking office housing a four story building with a viewing deck at the top.


The blessing started off with a mass by Rev. Fr. Sonny Cotiamco at four in the afternoon. Ribbon cutting soon followed by Mrs. Virginia Dañas, Baybay City Mayor Carmen L. Cari, and Vice Mayor Michael L. Cari. It was attended by the city councilors of Baybay, Chairman Beatriz Roble, Vice President of Finance Jupiter F. Roble, BOD Belinda F. Roble and close friends of the board of Roble Shipping. The next day, the office was fully operational and opened to the public.


The Baybay Booking office operates Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8am to 6pm and on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 8am to 9pm. It is an air-conditioned office and is computerized with clean comfort rooms and several conference rooms. It operates four queues and offers all ticket services to all routes. The ticketing office also offers thirty (30) day advance booking with rates the same across all Roble booking offices. Contact the office today at 053-5637487 / 053-3353550

The opening of the Baybay satellite office is just one of the many in store for Roble clients as the company continues to make travel easier and convenient. Watch out for new booking offices opening next year!

29th Foundation Day


July 27, 2014 marked the celebration of a milestone reached by Roble Shipping Incorporated as it celebrated its 29th Founding Anniversary. On February 20, 1985, Engr. Jose “Pepe” Roble Jr. established Roble Shipping and the rest they say is history. The company celebrated on the 27th of July as it also marks the 67th birthday of the founder. It was held in Brgy. Tinago Gym and was well attended by guests and employees alike. The event also served as an awarding ceremony for the different sports activities that were held prior.

A mass was held as a thanksgiving for the achievements Roble Shipping Inc has attained. The program officially opened with remarks from the present president and CEO Mr. Jose Emery Roble. And in the midst of his speech, a moment of silence was held for the founder. The members of the Board of Directors present in the affair were introduced afterwards. Mr. Teodoro Franco Omega was called on as a slideshow presentation was shown on screen to commemorate the life and works of the late Engr. Jose Roble Jr.

There were several presentations as well as a live band while dinner was on going. Performances from Rean Corilla of the Ormoc office and the Main Office Angels were part of the affair including a repeat performance of the current cheerdance champions from M/V Wonderful Stars. Monica Sacay did a live performance of the Roble Shipping Jingle.

The program closed with Jose Roble Jr’s first grandson, Jose Roble III’s moving remarks and a spectacular fireworks presentation with some disco dancing participated by many.


Muse of the Year Leah Lapasaran (Assistant Passage Supervisor) To represent Roble Shipping Inc in External and Internal Sports.


Crowned by: Engr. Alma Jo Alonzo (owner and developer, JEGMA Construction) Judge Wilfredo Fiel Navarro Jr. (RTC Judge Branch 19 – Cebu City).

Ambassador of Good will Gretchen Ganolon (Junior Executive Secretary) To represent Roble Shipping Inc in External and Internal Charitable.


Crowned by: Maximiano Fulache (Owner, Medallion Shipping) Judge Miriam Angot (MTC Judge Ozamis City).

Muse – Basketball

1st Runner Up – Desserie Lauron (FF Cruz Maintenance)
2nd Runner Up – Joy Galima (Escario)
3rd Runner Up – Kathleen Valencia (M/V Blessed Stars)

Women’s Volleyball Tournament
Champion – Main Office
Most Valuable Player – Pamela Molde (Main Office

Awarded by:
Mr. and Mrs. Joy Roble
Mr. and Mrs. Jupiter Roble
Ms. Belinda Roble Torres

1st Runner Up – M/V Wonderful Stars
2nd Runner Up – M/V Joyful Stars

Consolation Prizes:

M/V Beautiful Stars
M/V Blessed Stars
M/V Graceful Stars
M/V Sacred Stars

Awarded by:
Atty. Aldwin Fernandez
Miss Jessica Dantes
Atty. Steve Siclot
Miss Eva Raki

Men’s Basketball Tournament
Champion – FF Cruz Maintenance
Most Valuable Player – Tito Batulan Jr. (FF Cruz Maintenance)

Awarded by:
Madam Beatriz Fulache Roble
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Roble

1st Runner Up – Main Office
2nd Runner Up – M/V Theresian Stars
Consolation Prizes:
M/V Beautiful Stars                        M/V Blessed Stars
M/V Joyful Stars                               M/V Wonderful Stars
M/V Sacred Stars                             M/V Graceful Stars
Escario                                                    LCT Lara

Awarded by:
Major Joshua Pantuhan
Atty. Aldwin Fernandez
Miss Lerio Du

Special Award (Mythical Team Selection)

Rodel Entero – Center, FF Cruz Maintenance
Tito Batulan Jr – Forward, FF Cruz Maintenance
Gil Genesis Tidoy – Forward, insert team here
Neil John Golin – Guard, insert team here
Capt. Pretchard Gayo – Guard, M/V Graceful Stars

Awarded by:
Engr. Jasper and wife Engr. Marifel Roble
Mr. and Mrs. Jhufel Roble
Engr. and Mrs. Rodney Manatad